Flowers and Balloons

With COVID still lingering on with limitations of social gatherings, Little One had this bright idea of hosting a little garden party! A great way to lighten up the mood and see how her friends are doing. Her guests? Five of her closest friends (as per regulations) along with all the pretty flowers in the back garden of her new house! So she’s donned on a kawaii lilac-colored jumpsuit with a string of pearls and is getting ready. The balloons are up and the flower decorations look so pretty!

Getting Started

And of course I wanted to capture this cute moment! It’s not often I get to create some mixed media art using acrylic these days. I spend my days in our new home prepping it and when I’m free I do some sketching or watercolor painting, leaving the more “messy” stuff at the old house we are staying. Here I firstly doodled in some red hearts with oil pastels, followed by spreading some acrylic ink with a sponge brush. And once dry, I added another layer of paint in orange and green. I spritzed then on some water in some areas and watch the colors drip. So far so good!

Getting Started

Adding Party Decorations

Here come the collages! Paper napkins featuring balloons were then glued on with acrylic medium. Then I randomly doodled flower patterns with pink ink, and also stencilled in some cats.

Party Decorations

Painting Little One

Little One is so cute! After sketching her on the painting with aquarelle pencil, I started with her face, mixing Antelope Brown ink with white paint. The hair was then drawn in with oil pastels of various brown shades before adding on some streaks of acrylic ink with a dropper and scratching with a satay stick. For the outfit, a lavender color was achieved mixing violet with white paint.

Painting Little One

Further Details

The eyes were then painted on using my Molotow markers. Seeing that the background could look more flowery, I glued on some origami paper flower shapes cut out from a craft punch. Random doodles and more flowers were further added with markers and gel pen. And now I think I’m happy with the painting!

It’s wonderful to come back to mixed media painting! Unfortunately I have limited spare time for this nowadays with the moving and juggling two homes at a time. When things settle more I will definitely be resuming this fun and challenging part of being creative. Meanwhile Little One is looking cute, and I am certain her friends will enjoy this kawaii garden party!

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