Behind the House

Still busy with preparing the new house and waiting for my old apartment to be sold. Meanwhile, I’m finding some time to squeeze in some creative time! Exciting days but I wish I could have more time. A week or so ago, I made a kawaii watercolour painting of our backyard which faces a farm over the bordering brook. And a few times a day march some cows across from the neighbouring barn to the fields! Little One is having so much fun watching them go by and wanted to have a photo taken. Instead, I made a painting of her posing with a cow wandering behind her!

Pencil Sketch

I like to start with a pencil sketch when I have a purpose for the painting. As for paper, I went for Strathmore Watercolor Pad (300 gsm, 22.9cm x 30.5cm). The whimsical-looking cow and happy Little One all excited, how sweet!

Pencil Sketch

Painting the Background

I prefer to paint the background first before I go for the rest. Here, I used Dr. Ph Martin’s Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors in Viridian Green and Cobalt Blue. It comes in liquid form already but is so highly concentrated that a drop of it goes a long way when spread with a wet brush.

Background First

Painting the Rest

This time, I painted with another one of my favorite watercolor pans, Winsor & Newton. The hair, though, was firstly drawn with a a variety of brown aquarelle pencils and lightly spread with brown watercolor to achieve that streaky appearance. The rest was straight forward. Instead of leaving the white blank, I painted the areas also in white for consistency. The eyes were lined with aquarelle pencil. Once the paint was all dry, I added some details in the water and the whites of cow’s eyes with gel pen. Et voilà!

Once again a cute and simple painting! With my schedule rather tight these days, I am sticking to simplicity at the moment. Painting what comes to my mind gives me a chance to express myself and lets me share what I observe on paper. Besides, it helps me relax after a day of carrying heavy boxes, cleaning and fixing the new house up. And nothing makes me happier than being able to draw Little One and all the whimsical creatures. Look forward to doing more!

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