Perky Penguin

It’s getting very warm here in the Netherlands again this summer! Hopefully temperatures won’t soar like they did unbearably last year when it exceeded 40°C. It was then I got inspired to paint something cooling. And what convenient timing when we were watching a National Geographic channel featuring penguins! This was also a good time to reintroduce myself to sketching whimsical animals and have a go at penguins for the first time.

Pencil Sketch

And so I whipped out my iPad and sketched away on, this time, a grey background. Once again I went for the circle and square template introduced by Juliette Crane. I develop my own style though from her idea by making the circle bigger and square less angular. After googling images of anime-style penguins to get some ideas, I set about drawing my outline with the Procreate Pencil.

Pencils Sketch

Soft Pastels

How cute does my lil penguin look! I then created a new layer and coloured her in with soft pastels in black, white and yellow, carefully trying not to go over the outlines. Another layer was added when I drew in the eyes with 6B Pencil. Once I was happy with my penguin, I decided the background could do with more. A pair of blue flowers were doodled in with soft pastel. And now!

Perky Penguin

Great to start practicing sketching my whimsical animals again! And the fun part is trying something new. I enjoyed the challenge of drawing a penguin for the first time and developing it into something cute! And the cooling color scheme certainly is refreshing amid this sweltering heat.

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