The Cows are Brown!

So now you’ve heard that the back garden of our new house faces a farm. And that a few times a day we have cows marching in single file across between the neighboring barn and the fields. So awed we are that I’ve been drawing and painting about them. Up to now, they have been depicted as those “stereotypical” white and black. The truth is though, as I discovered later, they are brown! More a tanned brown actually. Not to worry, brown, tanned or black and white, we’re still happy and fascinated to see the cows. They certainly brighten our day, and animals (so long as safe and harmless) give positive vibes to our new house!

And so one relaxing evening I decided to draw about them! It has been some time since drawing with some colored pencils so I grabbed my mini sketchbook (Strathmore Visual Journal for Mixed Media) and my tin of Koh i Nor Polycolor Brown Set to practice with brown scale coloring. Just another quick and simple piece illustrating our neighborhood cows in a cute whimsical style!

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