Ginger is Back!

Remember that naughty neighborhood cat, the cute little ginger tabby that meanders around my boyfriend’s house? She belongs to the teacher that lives around the corner. I hadn’t seen Ginger for some time especially since the COVID outbreak so about three months! I was very worried about her. What had happened? Then a week ago at BF’s place I had a DHL delivery. After the driver went away, who would show up at our doorstep immediately after? “Ginger!” I squealed.

Alternative Background

The door was wide open, and Ginger put one paw forward. So cute! She was wondering whether or not she should try and enter or not. “I would love to let you in, Ginger” I regretfully had to add, “but I will get scolded if I do”. As much as I love my boyfriend, he is unfortunately not a fan of animals in the house. Oh well! To make up for the sorrow, I decided to paint about my encounter with Ginger on my iPad!

Alternative background preparation

Layers 1 and 2. A bright turquoise blue background was chosen for this painting to enhance happiness. Rather than a doorway, I further went for something more imaginative. An arch would make a more mysterious setting, and here I drew one made of a stone wall texture, one of the mediums preset by the app. Then I scribbled in some Twisted Trees, and the ground was of concrete blocks, more preset textures from the app.

Acrylic Kitten

Layer 3. I then drew and painted Ginger using acrylic paint. Choosing the perfect gingery orange was quite a challenge. The bird and the butterfly were draw in with markers as the details are quite tiny.

Acrylic Kitten

Kawaii Details

Layer 4. The eyes, lashes and whiskers were then added using ink and gel pen. Then I decided to be adventurous and doodle in some hearts and flowers around the painting. Now Ginger really looks whimsical!

Whilst I prepare for my move and have been focusing on drawing about it much of these past weeks, painting about Ginger was certainly a refreshing change. Tomorrow we get the keys to our new house but will be staying at his place, while I wait for my apartment to be sold. I will certainly miss her when we move to our new place, and I hope to come across her more often before we go!

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