That Monday Morning

You should have seen the state of me the Monday before last. Who says moving would be easy? We have indeed found our dream home, but I need to sell my apartment as well! And to prepare for that, I’ve been told by the real estate agent that it needs to look presentable for potential buyers to view. That requires clearing all clutter and give the illusion of spaciousness. Thankfully, the furnitures can stay and the walls need not be repainted, but many of the visible decorations, ornaments and objects should be put away, including my extremely extensive Hello Kitty collection as well as my shoes and handbags not to mention clothes that are hung outside the closet on those shop floor type rails.

It’s been more than TWO WEEKS ago since I’ve been packing such loose items in boxes. By the end of Week 1 I had just about finished wrapping all ceramic and porcelain ornaments for safety, so the worst was over. The Kitties were individually wrapped in paper to keep them clean. Then on the Monday after (Week 2), I realised I was not even done with the living room and still had the two bedrooms to clear out! I started crying. “I will never get these done”, I sobbed on the phone to my boyfriend. “Hey take it easy”, he calmly reassured me, “just take your time and don’t panic. This weekend, I’ll come over and help. We can do this together”.

He further suggested, “Why don’t you sit down, take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and maybe start painting or drawing a bit to get your mind off the situation”. Now why didn’t I even think of that? So that’s what I did. I took a pad of sketch paper and my set of graphite pencils and sketched away. We love Caran d’Ache’s Graphite Line which come in a set of 15 pencils ranging from 4H to 9B! It has been some time since I’ve done some pencil sketching so I’m a bit rusty at it. Nevertheless, I wanted to get my thoughts across and off my chest!

And thus last Sunday, he came over and gave me a hand, along with my neighbour and his girlfriend from downstairs. Although we were of course not yet completely finished, it certainly sped things up. It’s Week 3 now, and I’m happy to say packing and clearing space went a lot smoother. Feeling much calmer now and pleased that I’m almost done and on schedule. Now I am very much looking forward to getting the apartment photographed for the real estate sales brochure!

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