Any Neighborhood Cats?

We’re getting the keys to our new home in 10 days if all goes well! And one thing I hope to find are some neighborhood cats roaming around. We have quite a few near my boyfriend’s place, and they are so adorable! And the guy downstairs in my apartment block and the old couple a few buildings down own cats too. I’ll miss them all when we move! I hope to find some cute ones near our new place. And so I decided to paint about my dreams: Getting my Hello Kitty collection sorted in the house and finding cats in the neighbourhood!

Funky Background

It was evening time, and I was rather tired. Instead of grabbing my paper and paints, I went for my iPad instead and began doodling away. The background was a bit of a cobalt blue which was an interesting change from the lighter shade. As a first layer to the painting I dotted in some Bokeh lights in light pink and some glimmer in green. So far so cool!

Funky Background

Using Elements

Here goes Layer 2. For the house and surroundings, I didn’t use paint or ink but experimented with texture by using the elements option. The red roof was Concrete Block and the base of the house a Stone Wall. I made the trees a mixture of different greens as Twisted Trees which gave interesting effects. It’s not intended to be two houses, but two parts in one.

Using Elements

Kawaii Details

As the 3rd and 4th layers, I went for markers and gel pens to draw in the details. That way, the details stand out more compared to painting with acrylic or even gouache. Besides, the details are quite small. Only the pink window was painted with watercolour. Loving the Hello Kitty’s around the house, representing how much I’ll want to be decorating the house with them! And that’s me all happy as I peer out the window noticing a cute little kitten pit-patting along. I made her a ginger tabby with green eyes, although all cats of colours and breed are cute anyway!

Any Neighborhood Cats?

So here is my little dream and hope. A sweet happy home for boyfriend and me, along with all the cuteness. At the moment, the preparation and packing stuff in boxes including my thousands of Hello Kitty’s is quite tedious and exhausting, but it will be worth it in the end. Can’t wait to get them all at our new place, move in there and unpack my goodies! And then see a little cat or two meandering around…

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