Whimsical Werkhoven (Part 1)

Hi I’m back! Finally managed to squeeze in a few hours of my busy time and get creative again. It’s been a while since I last painted as I’ve been extremely preoccupied with preparing moving homes. Earlier in the week I at last finished tidying up my old apartment so it could be put on the market for sale. We now have the keys to our new house now. yippee! Now time to put our feet up a bit for while. Although a list of things need to be sorted before settling in, I can more or less relax a bit more than before.

Pencil Sketch

Not quite yet ready to “re-plunge” into mixed media abstract painting, I thought I’d sit down and slowly refresh myself with some ink drawing with charcoal Sumi ink and pen! The sketch began firstly with a light pencil sketch (see above) as I felt I was a tad rusty at impromptu drawing. It’s a fantasy illustration of a cow standing on the field with a bunny and a cat on each side.

Pencil Sketch

Sumi Ink Sketch

With the view of our backyard overlooking a cattle farm, we also spotted a tiny brown bunny scurrying across the path two days ago. So cute that was! And then the following morning on the way driving to our new house, we came across not just one but two cats meandering in the field most probably searching for mice. Another cuteness! Once I was happy with the pencil outline, I grabbed my small bottle of Kuretake ZIG Black Ink (which is actually Sumi charcoal ink) and traced over the outline with a bamboo nib dipped in the ink. The challenge was drawing the outline once without having to go over it another time as it looks too obvious with a nib. Oh and starting on the top left (if you’re right-handed like me) and working your way across and down so you don’t smudge the ink. And here is the sketch, a rather simple one again, but kawaii!

Sumi Ink

For now this sketch is merely work in progress and I plan on calling it Whimsical Werkhoven, named after the village I’ll be moving to… with lots of cows, some rabbits and field cats! Once I have more spare time, I would like color it in, but I have yet to decide with what. Ecoline inks and markers come to mind, but we shall see. I certainly do miss getting creative, but I’ll be up and running in no time!

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