You Got This!

Once again, a sweet happy piece I painted last week. It started with a sticker I got from an on-line art supply shop on the wrapping paper, saying “You got this!” Eventually the painting turned out to be a colourful melange of flowers and bunnies featuring Little One thrilled about her new art supplies and the cute things she can create with them!

In a Rut

I actually got a bit stuck whilst working on this painting. Firstly that sticker was placed on the corner of a page from my Strathmore Mixed Media Sketchbook. The page was already dotted with some leftover pink paint from another painting, and I also wanted to try out my home-made bunny stamp which came out quite well. Then I began working on the piece further.

A good start

I continued aimlessly adding layer after layer of paint and ink, mainly in acrylic. Lots of flower doodles with Molotow acrylic markers. Shapes with acrylic ink and dots with gouache were further added. Alas, though, I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. Even the scraps of origami paper glued in random places didn’t help. I was surely in a rut. So what to do? I was reluctant to go for a negative space painting as I wouldn’t have known where to start. So I left it overnight to have a think.

In a rut…

A Revelation!

Then it dawned on me. How about trying to paint something cute on top? I had a look at the pretty blue flower and thought of Little One with that in her hair. So after drafting my idea by marking the photo of the existing painting on my iPad, I set about my revelation. I first drew my outline lightly with a dark aquarelle pencil before painting the hair with Payne’s Grey ink directly from the dropper and spreading with a stick. The skin was a mixture of Sepia and Titanium White ink. Now we’re talking!

Getting there!

Sweet and Happy

Oh and I really went crazy enthusiastically continuing! I must have had so much energy that morning as it really shows in the painting. The bright vivid colours suddenly burst open and the flowers resurrected with gusto whilst I traced over the markers with acrylic ink and added even more! Joining in the fun were my gel pens, glitter glue, more gouache and acrylic markers. I left the drawing of Little One’s eyes till the end as I was not sure earlier if I should make her smiling, eyes closed reflecting or just looking cute with her big bright eyes. Well, the smile seemed most appropriate especially as I was in a content mood. And now!

It may seem strange to see happy smiling faces and even cute things during these difficult times. Actually, such positive vibes help me cope by cheering myself up and staying strong. Spring is here and the days have been bright and sunny, but we are sadly unable to enjoy them to the fullest. While we stay home for safety, we can only dream. As for staying positive, though, I can tell myself “You got this”!

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