Flowers in the Hair

Little One is staying home like the rest of us sensible folks. Today she’s been in the garden looking at all the pretty flowers her friend has sent her. This friend owns a business with her family growing and importing flowers which was thriving until the COVID-19 crisis hit and reduced business opportunities. It means flowers that have been growing may sadly need to be disposed of so Little One ordered some to be delivered to her! How sweet to help friends in need!

So Little One got some inspiration from these pretty flowers and decided to design some hair accessories! These were made from recycling materials of old clothes that no longer fit her or scooped up at charity shops. How resourceful is that! And now she wants to show you her kawaii craftwork. Doesn’t she look oh so adorable? Each design with a different outfit and hairpiece, it’s like a fashion show!

Let’s draw about it!

I of course had to draw about it! So out came the Copic Ciao Markers. Now when was the last time I used them? Too long! And this was the good time to reintroduce them. First I drew the faces to experiment with the beige colours and blender. The rest I drew with great enthusiasm discovering vivid colours along the way. Just to add, the whites of the eyes were dotted in with Copic Opaque White, and the small details doodled in with coloured gel pens. What fun it was to go back to casually drawing with markers like this! I should do it more often….

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