Up in the Air

All parks and popular open spaces are still closed off due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Whilst Little One is a good girl and obeys with the home-isolation, she also enjoys the fresh air outdoors in the comfort of her own garden. A balloon was found sitting in the drawers one day and so she decided to blow it and play outside with it! “Wheee”, she prances around, how cute! And of course I had to paint about it!

Wet on Wet Painting

This watercolor painting was inspired by another one of Ana’s FB tutorials. Although this tutorial was intended for kids, I found it quite fascinating. It involves firstly brushing just water on paper what you want to paint then immediately adding watercolor, then another with a different colour. In fact, you build up one colour after another so the colours blend together for a marble effect. I used my Windsor & Newton watercolour pans for this exercise on a page from Strathmore’s Watercolor sketchbook, applying water on the colours needed with a dropper.

Wet on Wet

However, as I discovered, my painting didn’t quite turn out as expected because the colours too close together in the spectrum as I used two kinds of green and a yellow for the grass and two blues and a violet for the sky. I was still happy with it, though, and continued as if it were another wet on wet painting!

Continue On!

Keep Going!

I continued with the same wet on wet method because I liked the way the different shades of the same/similar colours nevertheless blended together. For Little One’s hair, though, I wanted a more streaky effect so I drew with my Kuretake ZIG watercolor brush pens and brown aquarelle pencil and blended them together.

Streaky Hair Effect

I went back to the wet on wet method for the clouds, balloon and dress. The eyes though were firstly lined with the Kuretake watercolor brush pen in brown then spread and diluted with water. To finish off, white Uni Posca markers were then used for the whites of the eyes and collar as well as the balloon string. And here we are, a cute and simple painting of Little One making the most of the quarantine days!

What didn’t turn out as intended or expected turned out to be an adventure! It was so much fun doing this painting, as I was particularly curious as to how the colours would blend in under this new method, wet on wet. Whatever happened as a “mistake”, it’s the cuteness of the painting that counts! I am very pleased. Next time, though, I still want to try the proper way just for fun.

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