While in Japan

Here is my third digital painting I made whilst traveling in Japan for the past three weeks. Although I was not able to get creative as often as I was hoping, I did manage to squeeze in a number of quick and simple sketchbook and iPad drawings. It was during one evening in which I was able to relax, get cozy and begin painting a bit on my iPad. Just started messing around by experimenting with the various preset mediums and patterns on the Procreate app.

I guess I was inspired by the food in Japan. The red umeboshi, aubergine (eggplant) pickles and shiso leaves, not to mention the round bits of rice and natto fermented beans. For the next few paintings, this may be a recurring inspiration along with other interesting themes and objects I came across during my trip.

Layers and layers, one after another, were piled on top to reflect my amazing time in Japan. Lots of flowers since the Sakura cherry blossom were beginning to bloom. I even doodled in some shells and more colours and shapes of the food, As said earlier, I was merely trying out the different stuff available on this app and had lots of fun discovering the new. Then I finally added Little One! I’ve missed her so much. And she’s back now, along with her friends. They’re so happy to be back, and so am I!

I’m starting to get the hang of digital painting, even at the abstract art level. Trying out different available options on the app makes it all the more interesting of course. Most of all, what I find most exciting is combining abstract and digital art with kawaii illustrations like this one, Definitely my cup of tea, and something I’d like to further develop!

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