Happy Japan Holidays

Apologies that it’s been a few days since I last posted.  Been hectic after the trip unpacking, finding space to put my new stuff and catching up with work.  I’ve managed to squeeze in some time to resume painting which I missed so much.  More about that soon!  Meanwhile, here is another digital painting I created.  This one began during the flight back to the Netherlands but I didn’t get to finish it because I fell asleep.  It starts off with Mt. Fuji.  I believe I used the airbrush option for this bit.


Elements were then added such as the clouds, along with the sun.  At this point, I was falling asleep not sure what further to add so I left it like that till I got home.  It actually took a day or two to figure out what more could be incorporated.  A bit of a painter’s block perhaps?  Or overwhelmed by the trip and too many things going on that I was not sure where to start?


A few days later, I came back to my painting.  Sure it was a mishmash of stuff.  Sakura cherry tree blossoms was fresh in my mind.  And those birds we saw whilst travelling, especially in Hokkaido!  The sun was shining almost everyday during our trip to Mt. Fuji to the point we could see the apex.


And of course, I wanted to draw us, in the form of Little One.  I was however struggling in terms of placement.  Although I found a good spot for us, I am still not sure about the composition.  More birds and Sakura petals were drawn in, as well as hearts, just to add some balance.  I suppose I could have left it as it was without us and all the additions, but I take this as a practice of my digital techniques and figuring out what works best.


Despite my doubts about this painting, the rather chaotic image could well reflect the state of my chaotic mind as I had quite a bit going on.  It nevertheless also shows what a happy and fun time we had out in Japan watching various birds in Hokkaido, appreciating the Sakura cherry blossoms and being able to see Mt. Fuji on a clear day.  Digital art is so much fun, and always great to be able to incorporate it in my artwork when I don’t have my art supplies at hand.


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