Before Holidays

Two and half weeks into my holiday, we are due to be back to Holland in a few days. It’s been a constructive and action packed vacation with lots of culture, nature and adventure. However I am also looking forward to going back home. I miss painting! Although I did a bit of sketching and iPad work, I’ve been so busy out here I’ve not managed to get as creative as I was hoping. Just before leaving for the Japan holidays though I made my last kawaii mixed media painting, even managing to finish it off the morning of our flight!

I wanted to try out my new Derwent Intense Blocks. They were purchased more than a year ago but just ended up in my box of art supplies and thus never got used till now! And so I decided to give it a shot. According to the package, these blocks are water-soluble and creates an ink-like colour when combined with water. Once dried, they become permanent. As such, they can be worked over without affecting the previous layer. So I decided to put it to the test! First draw the shapes I like and then with wet brush spread the colour.

And then I began adding my layers randomly. I used both acrylic inks and India inks for some variation. Being all excited about flying to Japan soon, I got in a kawaii mood and began doodling my flowers, bunnies, bears and Little One. It was one of those paintings where I just kept going and going till I felt I got it right. Main challenge was filling in the spaces where needed and in which colour. I used some white paint and white markers in areas I thought could get some white spaces back. In fact, I decided to sleep over it and the next morning continued where I left off. And now…

Another cool but kawaii intuitive painting! I really miss the buzz of creating something as free and colourful with all my supplies at hand. And although I’m thoroughly enjoying my trip, I can’t wait to go back to the painting soon! Meanwhile whilst here I will be stocking up on some quality art supplies from Japan. Let’s see what we come up with….

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