Hungry Bird

Whilst in Hokkaido on the nature photography mission, we came across a lot of birds including seagulls, swans and eagles. One of the highlights of the trip was sailing on a boat on the icy sea watching and photographing the seagulls and eagles. The crew would feed these birds by throwing fish towards them. Then the birds would gather and grab the fish, some swiping it with their feet like it were a prize. Others holding it in their beaks or claws and flying away. So fascinated I was watching them that I gained a bit of a fixation photographing these birds grabbing and eating the fish. And then I decided, why not sketch about it too?

And so I took my iPad and stylus and sketched away! First I made the background sky blue and added the white clouds. The bird and fish were cutely drawn using the charcoal stick and pastel. Just a simple animated version of what I’ve been watching and a closeup of the poor fish getting eaten. But hey the birds have to live too!

Once happy with the look of the sketch, I added layers: the snow and the sea. These special effects are from the Procreate app. Also made the bird look fancier by dotting on some red bubbly spots. And now a kawaii simple sketch of the hungry bird. Looks like the cats and the kitties have competition now! And that would be another fun theme to draw about too.

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