Pink Teddy

Our second day in Cambodia and we’re totally mesmerized! So many impressive sights and the people are so wonderful. But more about that later. Tomorrow is officially the start of the workshop, and I’m so psyched! Can’t wait to begin, find inspiration and discover ideas. And of course I shall share here. First though I would like to show you another in-flight piece I did with my iPad!

It started with just trying out a bunch of effects with my finger. I began scribbling around with the Marble, followed by Opticon and then Polycon. Whatever they represent, I think they look fun! Another layer was added from which I decided to do some painting with my stylus. Went for Gouache this time and first thing that came to mind was a teddy bear! I must still be deeply affected by the poor koalas in Australia. And this time, I made her pink because it complements with the background colours and also I thought making teddy kawaii would be uplifting. I also added the sun in bright yellow.

The painting was concluded with another layer. Added the eyes with some soft pastels in white. Then scribbled some kawaii doodles on the background with some gel pen. And here we are! I love the vivid colours. I must’ve really been in a holiday mood!

Apart from the holiday mood, I’m very much looking forward to my art workshop. Met a few other attendees already, and what a wonderful bunch! It’s great to meet like-minded people with similar interests. And I will of course continue to incorporate my kawaii style in my work at this workshop! A great opportunity to expand my horizons with new ideas and skills.

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