Inspiration and Impressions

Greetings from Cambodia! It’s Day Ome of our Art Mojo Workshop with Tracy Verdugo today. We started the day by walking around the hotel and photographing with our phones of whatever interested us with the focus on texture, colours and patterns. Three sets of collages each representing those categories were then created using a Pic Collage app. By doing this we gain some inspiration for symbols which we could incorporate in our artwork.

Colours through different shades of Pink

After having completed this we then practiced sketching with pencil or pen the various patterns so that later we could put those in our paintings. I am quite inspired by religious symbols like Buddha and sacred animals (I’m Buddhist like most Japanese are) so challenged myself with drawing them. Being an illustrator myself, it was quite interesting how the symbols end up anime-like! I will be adding more such like these but thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to today.

I don’t like painting or drawing using photographs but they are great for getting ideas and inspiration. So we’ll soon be incorporating these sketched ideas into our paintings. I’m curious and looking forward to the next step!


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