Holiday Mood

Just arrived late this morning to Siem Reap, Cambodia! And we’re ever so excited though a bit exhausted from the long trip. First a 12-hour flight from Amsterdam to Singapore followed by a three hour stopover before a 2-hour connecting flight to Siem Reap. During those long flights I try and sleep, relax and get used to the local time zone so I don’t get jet-lagged. One of the ways I try and get less restless is to get creative! But I don’t want to lug too many art supplies along especially with cabin baggage so I just pack my iPad and stylus and work with the Procreate painting app!

I like to experiment with the various options the app has to offer. Sometimes I use my fingers other times I use the stylus. The app not only has a variety of mediums and brushes but also patterns and designs, as seem above

I add layers too. Here, I decided I was in the mood for something kawaii again with my boyfriend. A rough sketch was drawn with some black charcoal. Then whilst adding another layer, I coloured in with some soft pastels. The painting was then embellished with another layer of doodles and patterns using a white gel pen and more coloured soft pastels. How pretty it all now looks!

With digital art I’m not just simply sketching something. I’ve started getting more adventurous and creating a mixed media type painting. Makes it all the more interesting. And look at the vivid colours! I must really be in a holiday mood now…

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