Cambodian Jungle

My last blog before I go off on my venture to Cambodia!  It’s going to be a lot of fun because I’ll be attending an art workshop!  Past few days were so hectic trying to prepare that had very little time to paint.  On Friday, though, I was able to complete my painting as I envision my trip.  What’s it going to be like there?  Well I know about the temples.  And all the bright exotic colours.  And what animals are characteristic of Cambodia?  First thing that came to mind was elephants!  So here I am going to share a simple but kawaii painting of one.


Started off again with some leftover paint from a previous project!  Brushing off the excess Iridescent Jade on another piece of paper.  Then smudging on a bit of fluorescent red, also leftover from another painting.


Then I began spreading layers and layers of acrylic ink, with my fingers firstly in various shades of green.  My recommended brands are Sennelier and Daler & Rowney.  Then I dotted on some pink and fluorescent red.  I’m really into fluorescent colours even when it’s winter-time!


Drawing the Elephant

I got my inspiration for an anime-style elephant by google search, then drew my version of it on a separate piece of paper.  After having traced that on some tracing paper, I then transferred the drawing onto the painting with some graphite sheet.  It’s the same method as using carbon paper except graphite is better recommended as it is less messy and more importantly, erasable if you want to change something.

Blue Elephant!

I know elephants are grey but I was in the mood for something different, and of course in colour!  Baby blue was the colour of choice as it perfectly goes with the background.  Firstly, though, I spread a bit of modelling paste on some areas of the elephant before outlining her with some of Iridescent Silver heavy body acrylic by Golden.  Elephant was then filled in using a blend of fluorescent blue and heavy body acrylic in Light Phthalo Blue mixed with Gloss Medium.  I went over the areas with modelling paste using my fingers dipped in the fluorescent blue.  Then I drew in the eye with Molotow white acrylic marker.


More Colourful Jungle!

Once I was finished with my kawaii blue elephant, I added more on the background.  I firstly found some scraps of origami paper and glued them on, focussing on the corners of the paper.  Then I doodled in a few hearts and squiggles with my Sennelier Abstract 3D Liners in fluorescent pink and yellow.  Finally some white details were added with some of the Molotow acrylic marker in white.  And now!


I’m now fully psyched about my art workshop in Cambodia!  Painting this piece helped me get more prepared for the venture about which I’m so curious.  Tomorrow early morning our flight takes off so now I can say I’m rubbing my hands together with excitement! Just think of all the new stuff I’ll expand on including creativity, new friends, learning about new cultures and getting more in touch with myself.  I plan on blogging more whilst I’m there to share my experiences so do watch for this space!


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