Climbing Up

Yay, I’m off to Cambodia this Monday!  It’s been a stressful week with things to do at home before I go, waiting for parcels to arrive on time, and packing the right stuff without forgetting anything.  I’m also a bit nervous about meeting new people who are joining the art workshop there.  There is no reason to be, as I’ve already been happily interacting with them on Facebook, but still.  Nevertheless, there is no turning back so I may as well enjoy the ride!  I thus created another piece here, also an intuitive one, which ended up being us climbing up an imaginary mountain.  On one hand, we have those hundreds of steps to climb when visiting the old temples in Siem Riep.  Then on the other hand, we have those metaphoric steps for me to take and tell myself, “You can do it”!


Another painting, once again, originating from smearing left over Distress Oxide ink on paper!  This was whilst wiping clean the brayer with some wet tissues after a Gelli printing session from a previous artwork.  Also, we had some leftover gold paint left on bubble wrap.  I firstly added more gold paint by stencilling it in with a hard brush, then smeared with my finger some fluorescent red paint (Sennelier) in random areas.  Then some acrylic ink in titanium white and two shades of light blue were briskly added on the top of the page.  Following that, I then created a triangle shape by mixing some pearlescent violet ink with some full body acrylic paint in Medium Magenta.  I only used my fingers for applying the paint at this stage.

Kawaii Climbers

Looking at the piece already, it looked like blue sky and purple mountain or hill.  These cooler shades contrasted well with the warmer shades of the yellow, red and gold.  As such, I thought the warmer tones could represent the warm climate in Cambodia!  It was then that I decided, why not draw some kawaii characters hanging around the mountain?  Little One and her cute little friends making their way to the top.  I then doodled some in using my bamboo reed pen dipped in India Ink.  Colour used was Sepia by Dr. Ph. Martins Bombay Ink.  Not badly drawn considering I haven’t used this method in a while.  And how sweet do these creatures look!


Adding More

The piece looked somewhat a bit lonely though.  Perhaps some more on the sides and around the top could be added.  I then went for some pink on the sides (Sennelier’s Abstract Matte paint), followed by some Iridescent Jade on the top sides.  At this point, I even decided to see what would happen if I painted a random green flower in the middle of the warm air.  Good thing I took that step, as it worked really well!


Final Details

To add further character, I glued on some bits of origami paper.  I’ve lately been in the mood to incorporate these pretty pieces in my paintings.  Not only do they make the painting more interesting, but they also give an intriguing and exotic flavour.  Doodles and scribbles were then squeezed in using the Sennelier Abstract 3D Liners in fluorescent pink and gold.  Finally, I doodled in some random details with my Molotow acrylic marker.  And finally I can say I’m done and happy!


I do enjoy painting intuitively.  This is particularly true these days as I need some inspiration, and once I begin painting, all the ideas start developing one after another.  Another is that I love working with bright colours too.  I think it’s the rather depressing winter weather that makes me want to go for vivid shades as a pick me up.  It certainly works for me!  Last of all, drawing this kawaii piece about Little One and friends climbing up encourages positive thoughts by telling me everything is going to be alright.  In fact I’m going to have a lot of fun on the trip, I know it!


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