Very Excited!

In less than two weeks, we are off on an exciting venture to Cambodia!  Somewhere bright and warm to whisk us away from the cold and grey Dutch winters.  It’s always been on my bucket list to visit a country with so much culture and history, not to mention delicious cuisine.  Actually, I happen to be attending an art workshop there, run by Tracy Verdugo who is an Australian artist.  She was my inspiration when I came across her book more than two years ago “Paint Mojo – A Mixed Media Workshop:  Creative Layering Techniques for Personal Expression”.

Back then, I only began painting again.  The last time I picked up a paint brush was in high school, and naturally, things have changed since.  Mixed media was unheard of in my days, but I really love that unconventional style of work.  Quite a change from classical art which I also appreciate but was never good at.  Since then, I’ve been getting into it but want to explore more.  And hence this workshop.  I’m ever so elated and curious.  And my boyfriend is joining me too!  As he’s a keen photographer, I think it would be a wonderful place for him to capture all the interesting sites.

So naturally, I decided to paint about this on my iPad, scribbling away with my stylus.  Main medium is “acrylic”  using a number of layers.  So that’s us all excited!  But wait a minute.  The background is so grey and cloudy!   Something needs to be done…


And so I added some brightness to it.  Some interesting effects like flares in yellow and nebula in green.  How fun!  It’s just a simple drawing but I was just having some practice with the Procreate app and experimenting with the various stuff available on it.   That’s us still “stuck” in the grey winters of Holland but having something to look forward to.


As such I’m very much looking forward to our trip and the exciting workshop.  Am so curious!  Looking forward to meeting Tracy and other like-minded artists whom I’m starting to get to know via the private FB group.  Everyone seems wonderful!  All are from different countries with various levels of experience.  Can’t wait!

Click here if you want to know more about Tracy Verdugo.

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