New Friends

Bunny has reappeared from the winter blues to greet her new friends.  Little Squeakies!  Two little pink mice.  It’s the Year of the Mouse now, and I’m starting to get so excited drawing them.  They really are so cute!  This painting all began as another intuitive piece and ended up being about Bunny whom I really miss having around (it’s winter and they’re out hibernating) and two kawaii mice.  And now they are friends!

Neon Background

This dreary winter needs some pick-me-up.  And it must have made me crave for some vibrant neon colours to get me going.  On my big A3 paper of Marabu’s Mixed Media sketchpad (300 gsm), I applied some white gesso mixed with fluorescent orange liquid watercolour (Sargeant’s Watercolor Magic), using a wide brush with short hard bristles.  Once dry, I added a few drops of acrylic inks in fluorescent orange, red and orange and spread them out with a small brayer.


More Background

Not certain what else to add, I just went for a triad colour scheme for this layer using purple, orange and light green paint which are thicker in consistency.  The purple and light green were full-body acrylic (Golden) and the orange an iridescent paint (Old Holland).  Whilst I spread the paints in random order with a pointy palette knife, I also scraped them around with the sharp end  Can you see how the paints have a scratchy effect?  Then some Yellow fluid acrylic (Golden) was added using the same method.


Painting on the Animals

Now the time to add the subjects!  This time, no pencil sketching, just paint them straight in!  I used three different shades of pink by Amstedam Acrylic mixed with some Matt Medium to add some transparency.  Just as personal preference, I like to have the elaborate background showing through so you can see what I’ve done for the background.   Then I decided, why not add some texture?  Modelling Paste (Raphel is a good one) was then applied using a small palette knife.  As it takes ages to dry, I used hairdryer to speed up the process.


Finishing it Up

Whilst waiting for the modelling paste to dry completely, I glued on some old origami paper scraps in random places.  Then doodled in the eyes and whiskers as well as some squiggles in white Molotow acrylic marker.  Some fluorescent pink acrylic ink was then applied on top of the modelling paste with my finger.  Then I squeezed in some pink glitter glue on the hearts and also on Bunny’s eyes.  And now!!

IMG_0170 (1)

Another fun and random painting I made with some added cuteness!  Intuitive art comes handy when are craving for creativity but can’t find any immediate inspiration as to what to paint.  Just keep adding and layering on and sooner or later, it all pieces together.  Besides, I’m up for making my work colourful to cheer me up in these dark dreary winters.  Looks like Bunny and Squeakies are having fun together!

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