New Year’s Resolutions 2020

Are you also a firm believer of New Year’s resolutions?  Although keeping them is one thing, they give me some purpose to aim for and help me focus on developing.  It’s my first time to make some as an artist, and thought I’d share with you some of mine!


1. Allowing two hours daily for my own art-time. This also means being able to get up earlier and set aside the mornings for it.  I mean I don’t have to complete the piece in one day, but I should at least use those hours to do something creative.  Working on art ought to give me something to look forward to upon waking up especially in the cold winter mornings!

2. Trying new mediums. Alcohol inks is on my bucket list.  I bought a box of them more than a year ago and experimented with them a few times.  Back then, I had little experience and tried them with ordinary paper or deli paper which gave mediocre results.  I may well try them on  canvas or Yupo Paper (which I also bought but never got around to using!).

3.  Experimenting with objects.  In our art classes, we worked with gluing on sticks, stones, leaves and branches and painting over them.  Work is still in progress.  I should like to do more stuff like that! Last summer for instance, I went to the beach and collected various shells which are still sitting in a shoe box.  This is definitely what I’d like to get creative with!  Along with creating collages with cute paper and Hello Kitty tags.

4. Expanding more on stuff I’ve worked on and enjoy.  Gouache and oil pastels seem to be underused in my work so would like to do more as I love their looks. Oh and working more on canvas too. And larger sized paper. Much of my work is done on A4 paper mainly due to space constraints but perhaps it’s about time now to go bigger occasionally!


5.  Working on what I could improve on.  Although much of my work involves illustrations and abstract art where “realistic drawing” is not so important, I would like to master the “light and shade” and “perspective” techniques.   This means going back to sketching with good graphite pencils (dessin) from time to time and working with colours too.

6.  Keeping a weekly art journal.  I ought to create on a weekly basis a simple something that represents the great things experienced in the last seven days.  This can be in a form of a simple drawing or a collage of “feel good” doodles.  It would be like a sort of art journal to keep my mood elevated and inspirations active.

7.  Keeping up to date with blogging.  The purpose of the blogging is to document my work, what inspired me to create it and how I went about it.  It’s a great way to go back to the entries and see how much I’ve developed over time.  As such, it’s important for me to keep it updated and not fall behind and forget what my thoughts had been at the time.

8.  Having fun with my hobby.   Artwork helps keep me out of trouble by letting me freely express my thoughts and feelings.  Plus I love the excitement of discovering new things and getting creative.  It’s all a hobby so I try not to take myself too seriously.  I must try not getting worked up when things don’t pan out and need to remember for every “mistake” I make with my painting, there is room to create something further with it!

How about that! 🤗

By the way, that cute drawing featuring this entry is a quick and spontaneous sketch I made yesterday morning using soft pastel sticks on black paper!


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