Time Together

Last weekend we were away in Ossenzijl for a little break and then things got hectic since coming back which explains the few days of  being off the radar.  I purposely didn’t bring my art supplies this time because I knew I wouldn’t have ample time as we’d be so busy exploring the area and focussing on spending quality time together.  That said, I did bring my iPad and stylus (Apple Pencil) in case I got desperate, and sure enough I made use of them one evening!  Just a quick “charcoal and oil pastel” drawing I made of me and my BF on “grey background.

Black Charcoal on Grey

The weather during our break was clear with miraculously no rain.  Nevertheless, I went for a grey background.  Just a “clean” blank background for a change with nothing behind us.  Perhaps this is a sign of simply enjoying each other’s company despite the surroundings?  Or wanting to get away from it all and be together?  Who knows.  Or maybe I was just being lazy or rather, wanting to chill and go for simplicity.  With this grey background, I doodled a charcoal drawing of us.  I love charcoal against a grey paper so why not emulate it digitally?


Colouring with Oil Pastels

Here I added another layer on top of the charcoal drawing and decided to use oil pastel.  What inspired me is that few months ago in my Tuesday evening art class, we had a go with black charcoal and colouring the drawing with oil pastels as well as soft pastels.  I quite impressed with how vibrant the colours came out in both occasions.  Whilst I have used soft pastels digitally, this is my first of its kind using oil pastels.  Amazing how the digital version imitates reality.  You can see the bumpy surface from the paper and because the pastel is oil-based, the strokes from dragging the colours are visible.  Of course, it’s never the same as the real thing but I nonetheless love how the colours just pop out.  And such a kawaii painting of me and BF which was actually the main point!


I have to admit I haven’t had the chance to combine black charcoal with oil pastels since that art lesson.  It may be an idea to try it on paper at home one day.  Whilst soft pastels give a more powdery texture and velvety finish, oil pastels give a more waxy and shiny result.  You can also spread the colours out with some odor free turpentine.  Something worth considering, given I always like to experiment with the new.  And combining that experience to create more kawaii artwork!

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