Mixed Media Girl

I’d like to quickly share with you another of my kawaii Little One painting! This one was at our evening classes last Tuesday, when we learned to create our own home-made paints, including tempera, acrylic, watercolor, plamat (chalk and water) and oil. More about that is in my blog Let’s Make Some Paint! And below is a little chart I made with the samples. Whilst making the paints, we also thought it would be an idea to make a painting incorporating these samples. This way, we could then experiment and experience. Another advantage is that the paints can be efficiently used up rather than being thrown away which would be a waste.

So what did I paint? Something cute of course! Little One was first to come to mind. We worked rather quickly throughout and with our hands all messy, I was not able to take photos for each step as I would normally do. Nevertheless, I worked in the sequence as per the above chart. Can you guess which paint I corresponds to what? Most obvious is the green plamat for the face and yellow for the outfit. Red tempera was used for initial outline. Then the hair was a mixture of all. We also shared with each other the paints we had created ourselves so even more variety!

What fun that was! I didn’t think at the beginning the green face and multi-coloured hair would work but sure enough, it looks really cool! In the end, I made her eyelashes green too. Now that’s what I call being creative! One thing I learned apart from how paints are made is also never to be afraid to think outside the box. Much of my paintings are indeed mixed media, even when painting Little One. However, I wanted to make this one special. Something to remember this session by, i.e., creating from scratch different kinds of paints and painting something cute with them. And here I have it, my Mixed Media Girl!

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