Happy Together

Third part of my romantic theme using pen and India Ink!  Yes, the bottles of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay Ink which come in 36 different colours including some iridescent ones.  This time though, I sketched with the conventional black ink.  What I wanted to do this time was to fill it all in with coloured pencils rather than the coloured ink.  So dipping my bamboo reed pen in the bottle of ink, I sketched away.  And no pencil draft beforehand, all free-hand!


The paper I used was Strathmore 300 series Drawing Pad (119 gsm).  It’s really not ideal for ink drawing but more for pencil sketching which was a pity, but next time I’ll know to use another type of paper.  Something thicker would be better, although the paper I used was smooth enough.  After letting the ink dry which was quick, I coloured it in.  This time, I only went for the hair and outfit so the face is still white.  What I wanted to do was to focus on how well the coloured pencils would work well when black India Ink is used for outlining.  Here, I used Holbein’s Artist Colored Pencils which gave a good even waxy consistency.  All it needs is a light touch.  Now look how sweet it all looks!


Always refreshing to do a quick simple piece like this!  I normally do that when I’m having a busy day and wanting to chill by creating something cute.  It’s also a good way to take a break between projects to get inspiration or simply to do something else whilst waiting for the paint to dry.  In any case, it certainly made me happy drawing this romantic but kawaii piece of me and my BF together!

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