Classic Pink Frock

Today I want to quickly share with you a watercolour painting I did to test my new pad of watercolor paper. I bought my Strathmore 400 Visual Journal for Watercolor (300 gsm) the other day. Already I have the Visual Journal for Mixed Media and am well pleased with it and hence thought the one for watercolor would be a good idea. So far, so pleased!

One of the advantages of painting in a sketchbook is the less risk of the paper warping hence no need to stretch the paper. Here I used the larger “almost A4 size” pad of 9″x12″. And of course I painted Little One! In her classic pink frock. The watercolour I used was the pan of Kuretake Gansai Tanbi. Love how the colours stand out! It helps that the paper quality is good, and also reasonably thick at 190 gsm. Little One looking so sweet as usual, posing on some grass. I shall be painting more of her in this sketchbook!

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