Wardrobe Crisis!

Little One is at lost as to what to wear today!  Can we help her?  The weather has been quite strange lately.  Just when we thought it was going to cool down a bit towards the end of the summer, temperatures hit 30℃ or so again!  Of course it can get confusing and not knowing how to dress.  By the way, have you seen her cute little outfits?  She’s got quite a bit as she loves dressing up.  Some very pretty frocks and some funky outfits!  So let’s draw about it…

Fun with Copic Markers

Initially, I was just doodling randomly on a pad of Strathmore’s 400 series Marker Paper.  Just having some fun with my Copic Ciao markers again.  And practicing a bit on drawing Little One again and again in different outfits, three altogether!


Then I had the mind to start drawing her little clothes too!  All in different colours and patterns.  Little One is like my barbie doll but far cuter of course.  Look at all the vivid colours for the summer!  She loves wearing pretty frocks to look elegant in a sweet way but occasionally wears jumpsuits for fun as they make her look so playful and kawaii too!



Getting Crafty

Once I was done with drawing and colouring with the Copics, I thought I’d get further creative and add some cut-outs and embellish the outfits with glitter, sequins and Nuvo Drops!  So out came the origami papers from which I cut out some outfit shapes, choosing floral patterns.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  And then I added some shiny stuff on the outfits I had already drawn with the markers.  To fill in the space, I doodled in some hearts and flowers.  And how cute does it look now!


Wow, I need to do this more often!  Just get creative with some craft items.  It’s been some time since I’ve done that and I realise what I’ve been missing as I’ve been focused on painting and sketching lately.  Well, I will be coming back to it soon, creating more cute stuff and incorporating that with my paintings and sketches!  So which outfit do you like on Little One?

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