Doggy Walking on Grass

Great to go back to some digital art on my iPad! Remember the Procreate app? Sitting in front of the TV, I thought it would be a good idea to go back to using it again before I forget about it! And why not create another kawaii piece with it?

Green Grass

We love drawing about Little One! Today she was walking her little doggy early in the morning before it got too warm. It was a sunny day again but occasionally with a bit of clouds, and the grass in the nearby meadow was so green. On the app, I began with a blue background and then painted the clouds and grass with Bonombo Chalk, a virtual medium available on Procreate.

Doggy Walking

On the second layer came Liitle One and her doggy. Also in Bonombo Chalk. It’s just a simple drawing but cute!

Small Details

In areas where the chalk was too thick like the eyelashes and leash, I used the 6B pencil. With that, I also added some details on the clouds and grass as well as more strands on Little One’s hair to add more body. And here we are!

I should use this app more often and create more digital work! Although I prefer painting and drawing with the real stuff, a bit of change is good too. And lots of fun! Little One is also looking so sweet as usual…

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