From the Heart

Practising with India Ink again!  And again with a lovey-dovey theme.  These India Inks I’m using are a set from Dr. Ph. Martins Bombay Ink.  With in a variety of colours, the inks come three sets of 12 bottles each, with one of the sets in iridescent shades.   It is more common to use black, but I thought it would be fun to sketch in colour!  As with the last time I had sketched with ink, I used a Chinese bamboo pen and straight onto the paper!   I’m at the point when I’m confident enough to sketch without using pencil first.


Firstly, I drew the outlines using various browns for faces and my hair.  BF’s hair in gold and silver.  The clothes were then sketched in iridescent pink and blue, then filled in with those inks using my ring finger.  A simple sketch but once again, just practicing and also experimenting with colouring with the inks.  Personally, I think India Ink is best used in sketching rather than painting because as you can see below, they don’t spread evenly.  If I were to “paint” with them, I may use a bit for creating effect in abstract or mixed media work.  Worth a try though!


Once again, a fun practice and further experiment with India Ink, especially when involving kawaii characters and themes.   I will be experimenting further, for instance, by combining India Ink sketches with coloured pencils or watercolour and seeing what happens.  Always great to try new things.  And always makes me happy to draw sweet happy faces of me and my boyfriend!

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