If anyone recalls the fun I had with Acyrlic Pouring from one of my abstract art classes, I got around to completing my painting some weeks ago.  And finally got around to getting a decent photograph of it too!  I had the painting framed and took it home but as it was wrapped in cellophane, it took some time till I decided it was time to remove the wrappers!

To recap a bit about my acrylic pouring experience, here is the blog I wrote called Acrylic Pouring Lessons (opens on a new window or tab).  And what fun that was!  Not to be tried at home as it gets rather messy, but I loved it!


Like most mixed media paintings, it’s about adding layer over layer of paint and ink.  It was a matter of experimenting with various paints and ink, even adding some Ecoline ink which has a thin watery consistency and provided a marbly effect when combined with the slightly thicker paint.  Then I added some squiggles and doodles with some Sennelier 3D acrylic.

It was purely by chance, but when I look at the painting from a distance, it looks like two eyes and a look of surprise or even astonishment.  In some ways, I even see a face of a dog!  It was not even planned, I swear!

When I was transporting the painting home in an Uber taxi, even the driver was well impressed and asked if I am a painter and sell my stuff.  Wow now that’s cool to be told that!

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