Double Doggy Walk

This is another quick “whilst waiting for the paint to dry” drawing.  Little One is out in the park again taking doggy for a walk!  This time, she is with her friend Mimmy-chan who also has a similar dog.  Together they enjoy walking and chatting as well as exchanging cute stories about their own little pet doggies.  Both like dressing up as well.  Today, Little One is all in pink, and Mimmy-chan in orange.  One vivid coloured and the other more subdued.  And they complement each other!  Both their doggies are best pals too and like to play together in the park.  Happy kawaii days!

Version 3


Here I used my Copic Ciao markers and a bit of coloured pencils for the background.  Paper was Strathmore’s pad for Markers (190 gsm) which is quite a good quality.  Unfortunately, the coloured pencils are not very visible in the photo, especially as I used neon colours of green for the grass and some blue for the sky and with a light touch.  Once again, I used Faber Castell coloured pencils (Neon Effect) for this.  Nevertheless, the cuteness remains intact, and both little girls look like they are having loads of fun!

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