Kawaii Orbit

Here is a new painting inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing!  It actually began as a ghost print from a big round Gelli plate I made for another piece also intended to be another “moon landing” theme and am still working on.

Leftover Paint

The green is a mixture of Dylusions paint in Mushy Peas and some fluorescent green acyrlic ink.  In addition to the Gelli printing, I also used some flower stamps and a brayer to add some mystery to the atmosphere.  Another leftover paint was some pink from which I stencilled in some spots.  So a bit of green moon and pink stars?  Quite intriguing!



Blue Sky

Acrylic paints and ink tend to resist water-based mediums due to its polymer content which acts as a binder and emulsion.  Though the paint is water soluble, it becomes water resistant when dried.  Brushing in some water-based Ecoline ink as a result gave the background an amazing effect.  Here, I used a light shade of blue.  I also tried not to make the blue too evenly painted so as to give that cloudy appearance.  Cool isn’t it?


Painting the Little Creatures

Now comes the exciting bit, yay!  Now going to draw and paint our three little space creatures:  Little One with her bunny and teddy.  All dressed in kawaii space suits and kawaii space helmets!   I merely painted the heads and faces with acrylic paint after having primed the areas with white gesso for opacity.  For the helmets, I had to grab a few jars of various sizes and draw around them to make the circles perfect.  Then traced over them using grey acrylic markers.  Little One’s hair was firstly drawn with colored pencil before painting over them.

IMG_9760 (1)

Making Them Even Cuter

For all of them, I made the space suits silver using heavy body acrylic paint for thickness.  The eyes were drawn in with some acrylic markers, and Little One’s hair was painted in Burnt Sienna with a tinge of pink to blend in with the background.  Finally, the outline of the space helmets were traced over again, this time with silver glitter glue!  And now….


So much fun again painting another Moon Landing theme!  I especially like making it all surreal with the moon and surrounding bits green and then adding a bit of pink for fun.  And as you can see, I enjoy adding kawaii characters in the picture too.  Don’t they all look so sweet?  And here are some close-ups (click each photo for a better look):

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