Green Jumpsuit

Another kawaii drawing I made whilst waiting for the paint on another piece to dry!  A quick sketch I made of cute Little One again.  You see, she just got a new jumpsuit the other day and wants to show you! A charming turquoisey green one to complement the pretty pink and red flowers around her.  Doesn’t she look so sweet?

Version 2

Here I used my set of Holbein’s coloured pencils, briskly colouring away.  It was also a chance to practice my blending techniques, and I had a brief go with Holbein’s own blending liquid called Meltz.  This is not turpentine-based but more water-based and has no odor.  It worked rather well, I thought, and I may use it more often although imported from Japan, they are quite pricey and I prefer to use it sparingly.  Here I just used it to blend the colours of the flowers and spread some on the hair.

Not exactly my usual masterpiece but it was so cute I had to share it here!

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