Fancy Flowers

Another flower painting!  But still in a kawaii style.  Just making it all round, cartoon-like and bright-coloured certainly adds to the cuteness.  It was a bit of an unplanned intuitive painting of adding layers and layers until I decided to create a negative space piece.  With the vivid colours, I thought a floral theme would be an idea.

Layering the Background

Once again, I began with brushing on some leftover paint on blank paper.  This time it was red.  I then added a bit of green and yellow before making some Gelli prints with the small round plates.  On the plates, I combined some white acrylic paint and pink acryic ink and doodled some little flowers and patterns on them before making imprints.  It’s been a while since Gelli printing so it was great to go back to it again!

Then I proceeded in adding more and more on top.  I grabbed some Japanese-language newspaper cut out some random shapes and glued them on before scribbling some flower shapes with some oil pastels.  I kept adding more ink and paint on top using a brayer, fingers and bubble wrap.  Looks good now!


Creating Negative Space

As you know, negative space entails focussing on the background rather than the subjects.  This involves painting or concealing the shapes around the subject.  I firstly sketched the flower shapes using some blue oil pastels thinking I would colour around them in blue.  However, I changed my mind and painted around using some vivid green shade.  I think it looks better green, considering it compliments the red and pink and goes with the spots of yellow.


Getting Positive

Hmmm… it could still do with a bit more.  I concluded the piece with some additions such as painting the centers of the bigger flowers in gold to give it some further vibrance.  For the bottom of the piece, I filled in with some fluorescent blue to break the monotony, and dotted that colour around over the green.  Finally I squeezed in some fluorescent pink doodles using some acrylic 3D liner by Sennelier.  And now, that’s much better!


I really enjoyed creating the red/pink background of this piece.  No planning involved, just adding layer after layer as I went along.  That’s the funnest part!  The toughest part is what to do with it afterwards.  It’s not that you can leave it as because it would look lonely.  I then figured with these colours, flowers would be a logical progression.  Glad I went for it!  Now I’m very happy with this piece.

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