Bunny in the Haze

Again another piece that started with smearing leftover paint on blank paper.  Then adding more and more layers on top using various inks and paints with a brush, brayer and finger.

I was still not sure what to do with it but decided to do something simple like draw a rabbit in the middle with some grey marker.  Nothing complicated this time!  The eyes were also grey and filled in with Neocolor II water-soluble oil pastels


Hmm… still not completely happy with it so I added more using rubber stamps, bubble wrap imprints and stencilling just to “flower it up” more.  Then I found a scrap origami paper cut out of a flower and glued it on the Bunny’s ear.  Now that’s more complete!

IMG_0937I wanted to focus on the pretty colours and patterns created in the background so didn’t want to go too elaborate with the foreground or subject.  Too pretty to waste!  Hence I kept the bunny grey and didn’t even colour her in except for the eyes  Maybe one day I’ll come back to this piece and work on it more, but for now I’ll leave it.  Just enjoy the crazy haze of the background!


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