Hazier Bunny

Ever go back to some of your old work and think “hmm… something isn’t right”?  I had that moment lately when I had a look at one of mine.  Some time ago, I posted a blog about one of my bunny paintings, Bunny in the Haze.  I was happy with the end-result at the time and a few weeks later, found that more could be added, but what and how?


At the time, I was afraid to work further on it because I liked the background so much.  Too pretty to paint over.  It still bothered me though that it didn’t look complete and in fact even appeared dull.  After a few weeks, I came back to it and took the plunge.  I decided to make a negative space painting out of the piece to enhance the background, although some of it would have to be painted over.  However, I did not want to lose much of the background so added some hearts and flower shapes around the bunny and take it on from there.  I painted in grey using a mixture of acrylic medium and Dylusions paint in Slate Grey.  And I must say I had a sense of relief when done!

Nevertheless, I was not ready to call it finished.  The bunny’s eyes looked a bit dull.  I then went a step further and painted the eyes silver!  Here I used some Iridescent Silver fluid acrylic (Golden) and traced over the existing eyelashes with some silver acrylic pen.  I then lined the base of the eyelids with silver glitter glue.  How bling is that!


Once you start, you keep going!  I felt more could be added so I grabbed some Sennelier Abstract 3D Liner and began doodling some flowers, hearts and squiggles on the grey I had just painted.  These liners are thick acrylic paints that come in squishy tubes from which you squeeze the paint out whilst doodling.  And now… that’s much better!

Version 2

One thing I learned about reworking on this piece is not to be afraid to follow your gut feelings. There’s a reason you’re not fully happy with it.  Sometimes it’s because you feel it’s not complete.  In this case, it’s best to leave the painting alone for a few weeks till you figure out what’s missing.   I initially had reservations about changing the existing piece but felt something could be changed or added.  Glad I finally decided to take the plunge!

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