Little Beach Girl

Here’s hoping some beach weather will come back!  Still warm though at an acceptable 20 degrees with lots of sun so not all is lost.  And of course Little One is all ready for some fun at the beach.  But she says, “don’t forget to use sunscreen”!  And a pair of big UV sunglasses to protect your eyes too.   Am not much of a beach person myself, but it’s so much much fun painting happy subjects and creating positive vibes.  And the summertime is the season for it!

Leftover Paint and Oil Pastels

I actually began with some leftover skin-colour paint from a previous piece and smeared that on a blank paper.  Then I penciled in what I wanted in the painting.  Once I was happy with it, I drew in the hair, sun and background details with oil pastels, hoping that when spreading some ink or paint over it, the patterns from the pastels will show through.  So far, so cute!


Ecoline Ink Background

I thought it would be an idea to make the background quite transparent.  This would also let the oil pastels show through and help bring Little One stand out more.  Here, I spread some Ecoline Ink on the background, including the sun, sky and sand.  And for the hair, I used some liquid watercolour by Dr. Ph Martins Hydrus.  The sunglasses was of course brown acrylic paint with which some of the excess brushed on the hair for a more streaky effect.


Embellishments and Little Details

Here, I wanted to go a bit overboard on the bling a bit.  Once I painted Little One in her bright pink bikini, I spread a bit of clear granular gel (by Golden) on the sand area for some texture.  Then went for some glitter glue and sequins as well as Nuvo Drops for more effect.  This is the close up photo.


How Pretty in Pink!

I also added some details with acrylic markers and glued on some flower-shaped cut-outs from craft punches, then sticking some pink sequins on top.  Details on the sunglasses are Nuvo Drops.  Then enhancing the sun a bit more with some yellow paint and gold glitter glue.  And I think we’re good to go!!  Doesn’t the Little One look so cute?


This is one of my favourite pieces out of the most recent stuff I’ve done.  Totally enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.  I guess I knew what I wanted out of it so I just went for it.  And the colours are so bright and summery without being overwhelming even with the shiny embellishments.  I am well happy with it, and so is the Little One!

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