Creative with Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is back! Just wanted to play around more with Gelli printing  again and this time used the small round plates. And like another piece Hello Kitty Backdrop,  I used Distress Ink in pink and red shades with those same cheap but cheerful Hello Kitty Rubber stamps.  The white spaces were filled in with stencilled dots and rolling residual ink from the brayer, not to forget more Hello Kitty stamping!

After I let it all dry, I glued on some bits of origami paper.  The pink patterned corners come from leftovers from other previous work, and the flowers shapes are merely craft punch cut outs.  And some of the origami paper feature Hello Kitty too!  Can you see her face scattered around?  I grabbed hold of those in Japan.

img_6517Just another simple mixed media piece.  Although I like working with Gelli printing, I’m always at lost as to what to make with it afterwards.  I tend to draw characters more often than create pretty patterns.  Ideally I would like to combine the two by means of layering; either by painting the characters directly over the Gelli print or cutting and pasting another drawing on top.  Let’s see what my creative juices have to offer!

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