Hello Kitty Backdrop

I haven’t done much Gelli printing lately and wanted to practice again. This time I got hold a bunch of cheap Hello Kitty rubber stamps for kids which actually worked really well! Started with a square-shaped Gelli plate and applied some pink Distress Oxide, spread it with a brayer then pressed some of the stamps around it before printing it on gesso-coated paper. The remaining ink on the brayer was then rolled across the paper. And then I proceeded to apply randomly the various stamps in a range of pink shades of Distress Ink. So now a magical melange of multiple Hello Kitty’s!

To prevent the Hello Kitty’s from being outshone, I didn’t add too much on top of the cute background. I just created a simple collage of flowers with origami paper cut-outs using craft punches. Then I drew in the stems using a bright green acrylic marker and tapped in some bubble wrap prints on the bottom of the paper with green Distress Oxide to add some continuity between the background and foreground. So here it is!

Perhaps this piece may be subtle and even a bit too quiet for a mixed media painting but as said earlier, I didn’t want to lose the Hello Kitty effect in the background. At the same time I thought adding a complementary shade of yellow would add some accents so the piece wouldn’t be too dull.

I’d like to share with you a portion of the piece of which I zoomed in and took a screen shot. Now that looks cool too! I’d like definitely to use these Hello Kitty rubber stamps again …

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