Pretty Little Bunnies

Another digital painting on my iPad! I’m sort of getting the hang of it now. Little One looking pretty in pink and posing with two little bunnies. How cute! Like myself, I love little rabbits. And who doesn’t? Spring is coming up, and we’ll be seeing more and more baby bunnies hopping around the countryside fields. Kawaii!

Once again I felt like making the eyes super cute in that anime style. The characters were drawn quite simply and the colours rather basic so the entire piece is not overwhelmingly elaborate. As such, I thought that the exaggerated huge eyes on the Little One and adding eyelashes to the bunnies would give some sparkle. And the bright pink dress does provide a wonderful accent! It’s so much fun drawing on my iPad and indeed so relaxing when winding down at the end of the day. More such drawings coming up!

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