Approached by Doggy

A short and sweet entry about quick sketch I did with my Copic markers again!  The past few days have been quite sunny although a bit chilly.  Tulips are emerging in the Netherlands although I have not yet had the chance to check them out.  And Little One is dreaming about coming across a few too.  She likes to take walks outside to find some lovely tulips and other pretty flowers.  Occasionally she also gets approached by little doggies because she’s so sweet and friendly to them!  It’s a rather cold day and she has to dress up warmly.  Her pink polka-dotted jumpsuit looks quite funky!

IMG_6499 (1)Here I just scribbled in the background with the colour as didn’t want to use up the ink.  An alternative would have been to paint it with say watercolour or acrylic but the paper is so smooth (ideal for markers, especially alcohol based ones to minimize bleeding and absorption) that the water-based paint would not adhere well.  So best to leave as is.

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