Pink Hair

Today, Little One is trying on her pink wig for a laugh. And her huge false lashes too! You know how she enjoys dressing up and experimenting with new stuff. I think she still looks kawaii, don’t you?

And so let’s sketch about it! I thus took this opportunity to check out further the Copic markers. Reason is I may like to get more whilst in Japan. As you know, these pens are from Japan but are very expensive abroad. About twice the price, if not three times. A bit like the Holbein colored pencils. So before leaving, I thought I should put the markers to another test to see if it would be worthwhile to bring more across.

The ones I already have are the Copic Ciao markers which are designed for the novice. Whilst using these, I also wanted to test the Strathmore’s 400 Series Marker Paper I had just bought. It is 190 gsm in thickness which is great, given I don’t like thinner paper. I was pleased with the results but the only drawbacks are that it is not proper A4 size or even A5 but American 24″x36″ and not wire-bound which means the paper goes loose.

Despite that, I was still satisfied with using the Copic markers. The streaky marks I had previously complained about on another drawing was more or less gone since my strokes were small circular motions rather than in straight lines as advised. And the vibrant colours are beautiful! Definitely suited to this kind of drawing and my style of art.

So yes, I’m convinced. I definitely want more of the Copic markers. I might even go for an upgrade to Classic or Sketch depending on price and value for money of course. And then I can draw and create more kawaii stuff!

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