Following The Light

Another exciting self-healing chapter from Tamara Laporte’s Create Your Life Book. Today was about expressing light in abstract and symbolic ways. Light represents positive energy and brings out a spectrum of colours. As such the purpose of the exercise was to express our mind and emotions through colours. And to follow the light for more positivity.

We start by randomly wetting the paper with a spritz of water and then spreading some ink around in fluid motions. Here I used India inks (Dr. Ph. Martin’s) and acrylic inks (Daler Rowney). I was in the mood of energetic colours today. I guess because it’s been a very nice sunny day without being too warm. Plus I was able to go out for a jog for the first time in weeks after a bad back pain and happy to get my mojo again, So no wonder a random mixture of yellows, oranges and red…

Once I let it all dry, I added a few drops of acrylic colours in turquoise using ink and paint. I felt like using them to cool down the exiting colours.

When dry, the designing began. I firstly used pencil and then painted in the colours. First the rabbit in dark green followed by some blobs in green. I coated a layer of white gesso in few other areas before painting them over in gold paint. Definitely Intuitive Painting as the rabbit was the first thing that came to mind and filling parts of the painting in gold to get an impression of light.

Then some finishing touches in paint pens. The halo in gold. I really like the India Ink by Dr. Ph Martin’s in Copper Gold. I used the white Uni Posca white markers for the doodles in the background.

This was one of those “hmmm what next…” sessions. I have to say after designing the background I was still not sure what to do next. First thing that came to mind though was a silhouette of an animal. So I chose bunny with big ears with a halo above. As if she’s surrounded by colour and being led to light by an imaginary dragon, a symbol of power, strength and fortune…

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