Little Seal

Today we spent this sunny but very windy afternoon along the southwest coast of Zeeland. It’s our getaway when we want to just chill and see, hear, smell and breathe the sea. One of the highlights of going there is checking out some wild seals on the shore of Domburg. I was not expecting to find any today in this weather condition but we came across one bobbing up and down the rough waves. Got so excited!

So what else to do but draw one as soon as I got home? Too lazy to get my art supplies out, even my pad and pencil, so I grabbed my iPad and stylus and scribbled away on the Sketches App! I firstly had to google search to get an idea of a animated version of a seal and came up with this simple but kawaii one. Doesn’t look anything like one at the moment but hopefully I’ll be able to work on it further…

The sky is from the airbrush medium, followed by watercolours for the sea and seal, outlined in pen. So I guess a mixed media e-painting!!

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