Horsing Around

Suffering from another back pain and got a bit of the sniffles at the moment. So I’ll have to keep today’s entry short and sweet. Whenever I’m tired or too “busy” to paint, I just take a sketchbook out and draw! It’s always good to go back to the basics. Whether with pencils, pens or chalk and charcoal. This was pencil.

Decided to go for the graphite set by Caran D’ache. Although quite an extensive 15-piece set of pencils, I actually just roughly scribbled whatever came to mind and briskly filled in the light and shade for practice. I went back for the Dally and Spanky theme, about a pony being trained and tamed by riding around with a puppy on the back!

I find it relaxing and even therapeutic being able to sketch away like this. Keeps the imagination rolling and great way to further my skills!

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