Clownfish Trio

I was watching some documentary on National Geographic channel the other day and came across some bright orange fish with white stripes swimming in some colourful background. They are called Clownfish, typically found in the warmer oceans like the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

I was itching to draw and paint some of course! And then thought about having another go with coloured pencils again, this time on another type of paper. One that didn’t have the rough stripey surface but a smooth one. So I firstly prepped the background with Ecoline ink. Though random, I chose to put more blue and green in the upper two-thirds of the paper and more pink on the bottom third.

Before drawing the images in permanent black felt tip, I used pencil. Now you see why I made the upper two-thirds blue-green and the bottom more pink-yellow. The upper part for the swimming fish and below that the sea plants. I then filled in the shapes with coloured pencils. My favourite set of coloured pencils is the Ergo-soft range by Staedler.  For the sea plants, I used a thin layer of white acrylic paint diluted with water as I thought using white pencil would be a bit tedious and of course, I wanted some variety.

IMG_1442This time, the paper I used was smooth which made colouring easier and did not produce that rather annoying stripey texture which I had experienced in the last exercise with Funky Flowers.  Am well pleased with the result!

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