Green Shores

This painting is quite different from my usual style. A simple watercolour of sea landscape with no anime or cute characters dotted about. I guess I was in a serene mood when I painted this upon my return from our day trip getaway to Domburg, along the southwest coast of the Netherlands. There, I came across this stunning view of the sea, where the shore is covered not by sand, stones or rocks, but by green seaweed!

This time, I used my Gansai Japanese watercolours and painted without the need to make draft outlines with pencil. It was quite free style although I used some of the photos I took merely for inspiration. The beauty of Gansai watercolour paint is that the pigments are natural and come in very stunning shades. Perfect for painting nature!

I had a good start with painting the sky and sea, using a wide flat brush to make a subtle wash in blue and mixing a warmer tone for the sea. Thanks to the range of beautiful green shades in the palette, I was able to create a vivid mix for the seaweed shore.

The biggest challenge was getting the perspective and sense of distance right. For that, I used some opposite colours like orange and red to add some darkness as well as a rocky impression in the distant areas. Now I think it’s safe to say I’m happy with the result. It’s a fun change to do something different. Would definitely do landscapes again!

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