Funky Flowers

I bought bunch of books for getting more ideas and how-to’s for my art work, and one of them was called Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista. In one of her work, she shows us how coloured pencils could be a used in mixed media work (Colored Pencil Doodles). Perfect exercise for me because I have been thinking of ways to develop mix media but with an alternative medium apart from acrylic paint! And who would’ve thought of coloured pencils?

Of course I did make variations to her ideas whilst keeping coloured pencils as the focal point. The paper was decorated firstly with yellow, green, blue and indigo Ecoline ink by droppers and spreading with a wet brush. Then I outlined some abstract-looking flowers with pencil and then black permanent ink pen.

Next I filled in the flowers with coloured pencil. I like the Ergo Soft series by Staedler as they are great quality, ergonomically great to use (triangular shaped) and soft leaded which results in bold and intense shades. Traci suggests using between 5-7 different colours only, starting with three that are analogous on the colour scale.

I chose colours that were mainly opposite of the background, i.e. coral, pink, magenta, lilac and violet. As with the rest they were darker shades indigo and green which complimented the background.

The only issue I had with this work was the bumpy texture of the paper which meant I had to press the pencils really hard and use a lot colour in order to suppress the stripey impressions as much as possible. That said, this allowed the background colours of the ink to show through, giving an interesting effect.

Though not part of Traci’s exercise, I took the liberty of adding some finishing touches with some white ink. Much better! I love the vivid colours of this drawing, and again this is also something different from what i’ve been doing. I really should use my coloured pencils more often!

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