Green Park

Green Park is the name of a park in London actually! Located near Buckingham Palace. As such I thought this would be a perfect name for this painting!

It’s another experiment with deli paper. Painted a kawaii Palace guard on it with water soluble crayons and coloured pencils, then spread the colour with a wet brush dipped in matt medium.

On a thicker paper, I created layers of paint, oil pastels and random collage pieces. Some of these collage pieces include bits from the London Underground map and brochures during my short trip out there.

Waiting for the paint and glue to dry, I trimmed the deli paper painting and once ready, I mounted it on the thicker paper. Further added more colour on the figure especially the eyes, hair and the red uniform with water-soluble crayon and pencils.

And I further added more bits of collage to emphasise the London theme. Concluded with a finishing touch by grabbing some bubble wrap and stamping areas with orange and blue ink.

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